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My Wonderful World
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28th-Feb-2010 04:50 pm - My Heart Goes Out...
Gosh my heart goes out to all those affected by the devastation of the tragedy in Chile.

May The Lost Rest in Peace.

And those who have suffered find the courage to rebuild their lives...

Gosh what is wrong with the world these days.

On a brighter note I'm glad that Australia was minimally affected.
28th-Jan-2010 07:44 pm - The New Year and Me!
I'm still alive!

Hehe, I really gotta get better at this writing in a journal thing!

So I'm gonna write down my new years resolutions before I change my mind about them or forget them all together...

1 - Lost atleast 10kgs! Although according to my Wii I need to weigh like 51kgs or something to be at a healthy weight.

2 - Write something, whether original, or fandom or something. I can feel my literacy skills fly out the window, the only thing I write these days are patients charts and that's usually the same words over and over again.

3 - Read at least one educational book, my brain cells are dying by the moment. I don't think I've learnt anything new in ages.

And this isn't a resolution, but I so want to be in a relationship by the end of the year! It's so boring going to movies and stuff by myself. Most of my friends are from work and it took us a month just to find the time to go together after New Moon was released!

And I donated a pretty good amount to Haiti in exchange for some fanfiction and can't wait til I get them! :D
22nd-May-2009 07:20 am - Dreamwidth
Is anyone interested in a Dreamwidth account? I have two invites! :D
17th-May-2008 09:26 am - Freaked out!
Gosh area below-behind my underarms hurt so I touched it and felt a lump. I was so freaked and ran to my sisters room without to looking at it. Then I took a look in the mirror and thank god it was red, so something bit me. GOD.

Anyways my dad is finally home. We have nurses come visit everyday to refill his Grasby.

My grandma is annoying as ever.

My mum has the phone glued to her ear.

My brother is never home

And I'm broke.

Oh and I gave my room a makeover! 

15th-Feb-2008 06:45 pm - Little Things that Made my Day...
Ok, so my last day off, I'm feeling pretty rotten that I have to run errands on both my days off... Well yesterday wasn't really an errand, it was after all my Graduation... but hey...

Ok so little made my day things.

1. Got my new transition lenses, they're awesome!

2. My little cousins are so cute, they think that dinosaurs were killed by the Aboriginals, that's why they're extinct! LOL so cute.

3. They're still cute. They were telling me that Maria (my other cousin, same age but a girl) didn't like the games my sister installed on her DS and I'm like it's her fault for not telling my sister what she wanted. And then Lulu was like "It's her fault she's a girl." LOL that then led me to explain to them the whole girl and guy x and y chromosomes to him. And then when he finally understood all of that he was like... "Oh so do you write it on a piece of paper?"

4. I saw a street called Draco Street! Hehe.

5. Supernatural was just awesome! Gosh I think that has got to be my favorite episode this season.

6. I got to listen to my new "The Last Goodnight" Album! They are awesome!

7. I found these lollies at Inala that I never thought would be sold here! Mum got them from VN.

And last but not least....

8. Vivi got another job interview :D

Have to wake up at FOUR tmr to take the train to work.... my contribution back into the environment! :D
4th-Jan-2008 07:06 am - Your Score: The Honest Soul

Taken from chibidraco

Your Score: The Honest Soul.

You scored -8 Extroversion, 4 Sensitivity, and 16 Openness!

You are a talkative, open kind of person. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and you trust people not to break it. In a way, you are as honest and trusting as a child. You are comfortable with who you are and have a strong sense of self, but you are also a little sensitive. Hurtful remarks, especially from people whose opinion you value, have the power to wound you terribly.

You tend to be open about your thoughts and opinions, and you find it difficult to hide your emotions from people. You like to share your thoughts, opinions, and emotions with people, and to hear theirs in return. When someone disagrees with you or offends you, you will take them up on it, whether they are friends or strangers. You don't mind a friendly debate, but become upset when things get hostile. You wish that people wouldn't take everything so personally, but simply think calmly about things.

You have a close knit group of friends and family for whom you would sacrifice almost anything. You don't like big parties full of strangers - you would rather spend your time with the people whom you really care about. You need a private spot where you can retreat when the world gets to be too much, but you want to be able to emerge from your "den" and find your loved ones there to heap love and affection upon you.

Your daemon would represent your loving, open nature, and he or she would probably spend a lot of time encouraging you to be independent and to do the right thing.

Suggested forms:
Dog, Otter, Marmoset, Saw-Whet Owl, Songbird, Chinchilla.

Link: The Golden Compass Daemon Test written by wolfcaroling on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
View My Profile(wolfcaroling)
3rd-Jan-2008 05:50 pm - Entering the real world.
Gosh life is a little daunting at the moment. I just brought my first car, $17, 000. A $17, 000 that I don't have. Very Scary.

I rang up to ask about my registration and why it was taking so long, and apparently my name wasn't on the list of people that graduated from QUT last year. WTF. I even got my academic record stating that I completed the course. So now it's either the Queensland Nursing Council, or QUT's School of Nursing. Both unreliable in my opinion. And really if I my registration didn't go through then why did they charge me? Dumb people. Now I'm going to ring the hospital, or they might think I didn't pass my course or something. Sigh.

One thing after another.

If all goes well, this time next month I will start working. Daunting indeed. Gosh but I need the money to pay back this car I can't really afford.

The butterflies in my stomach are the size of elephants.
25th-Dec-2007 11:59 am - My Christmas this year....
Ho, Ho, Ho.

Merry Christmas to all!


It's already the 25th over here, and Mum's gone overseas so nothing special this year. But I got my pressies already so take a look! :D


26th-Nov-2007 07:52 am - Which Supernatural Character Are You

Which Supernatural character are you?

You're Jo! Kinda young and inexperienced, but smart and driven. You try hard, and you're fiercely independent. If someone tells you what to do, your instinct is to do the exact opposite. World, watch out.
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26th-Sep-2007 07:23 am - My Personal Motto

"when nothing is certain, everything is possible"
'What is your personal life motto?' at QuizGalaxy.com
19th-Sep-2007 10:33 pm - Ex’s who stalk their ex’s

Ex’s who stalk their ex’s

Title: Ex’s who stalk their ex’s

Author: suonguyen

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine; no profit is being made with this piece of work

Note: My first time doing a challege fic... So lets see how this goes... or if I've done it right. No beta I don't seem to have any luck with betas

Written for the

dracoharry100  Septmeber 3-prompt challenge


  1. The Phrase! - Oscar Wilde - "A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her."
  2. The Song Line! - 'It's been awhile, but I can still remember just the way you taste'

Summary: Three years after leaving Harry and the Wizarding World behind, Draco lives with a man that reminds him far too much of his ex-lover.

Do tell me what you think guys! :D

12th-Sep-2007 05:19 pm - WTF
  • How in the world do people make it to third year of university and not know how to reference properly? Now I have to bloofy pick up their slack.
  • Never work with people you want to like on anything because they will just screw you over, then its your grades or your friends. And you can't tell them how much they suck.
  • I HATE it when people send attachments... that don't actually have attachments in it. Then what the fuck in the point of the bloody email.

10th-Sep-2007 04:24 pm - OMG so nervous!
I am so nervous! I have two interviews this week, one at a hospital I so desperately want to get into, and one at a hospital that I wouldn't mind getting in to!

It's worrying, my friend had her interview today and she got it too! So happy for her!

Argh pray for me guys!

20th-Aug-2007 03:32 pm - My Patronis

What is your Patronus (from Harry Potter)?

Your patronus is the unicorn. The unicorn is a kind and selfless creature; it is also very rare. There aren't many people willing to show kindness to a stranger in today's world. Consider yourself lucky to be blessed with such a selfless spirit, but be sure to also address your own needs.
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And check out this video and tell me what you think... its rather freaky! - http://www.filecabi.net/video/jap-ghost-girl.html - LOL and ignore the porn ads!
13th-Jul-2007 08:52 pm - And Emma Watson cannot act...
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - The Good, The Bad, and The Overall
11th-Jul-2007 04:28 pm - Rec List
Rec List

My favourite H/D Slash

Long FicsCollapse )
OneshotsCollapse )
24th-Jun-2007 07:06 pm - Nine Months

Nine Months

Author: suonguyen

Summary: Wizards can get pregnant; Harry thinks he should have been informed.

Beta: yutakalamia 

Rating: PG-13

Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco, Ginny, Ron/Hermione

Warnings: MPreg, Ginny Bashing.

Length: Oneshot; 2, 500 words

Disclaimer: The only thing I own is the plot, and even that's not totally original. Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and all other characters in this story belong to J.K Rowling.

Authors Note: This is my first Harry and Draco story guys, so please give it a try and tell me what you think! I don't like Ginny, lol as you can proabably tell, so theres a bit of bashing in here. Anyways Enjoy and do tell me what you think!


22nd-Jun-2007 08:12 am - You are Neville Longbottom
Harry Potter Character Compatibility Test

You scored as a Neville Longbottom

28th-May-2007 06:12 pm - Yay! No more assignments
LOl I just saw At Worlds End today... the whole calypso (if thats how you spell it) thing was ridiculous, when I saw her start growing big I was like WTF? I still don't get what happened to her, so much for all her talk about punishing all those pirates that sealed her.

The Locket tune was nice though.

Ahh and thank god Elizabeth doesn't love Jack, I so thought that she did from the last one... It was good and it was sad between her and Will...

And the whole Norrington dying thing pretty much flew over my head, not really attached to the guy.

Jack was weird... LOL very very weird.

Nice ending.. I think they finished it off well... if there isn't another one.

Barbossa and Jack remind me off two bullies in the playground trying to outdo each other.

And I can't wait for the DVD of this... then I can figure out what their really saying, they mumble waaay too much.

Yay and I have no more assignments, finished and handed all four in today! Cross my fingers for the best!

Got a 7 for one of them! (same as an A)
24th-May-2007 11:40 am - Hmm

My first journal entry... wonder how long I can keep it, and how often I'll write in it...

My username totally wrong without all the caps in it

And I'm running out o stories to read!
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